Additional Features

Durable and Shot Resistant

FUDs are made from neoprene, this makes them extremely buoyant and durable.

This lightweight material allows the FUD to take a few shots and will still be usable

Portable and Versatile

  • FUDs are easy to carry and store.
  • Use them in water or in the field
  • Carry up to 12 Decoys in one hand using the FUDslinger (included)


Fold Up Decoys are the first in class to create multiposture capabilities.

These rivets act as a pivoting point for the head, keel and for some specials, the tail panel 

Multiposture Mallard Decoy

Bird Vision Certified

FUDs are made from Birdvision UV decoy paints. The certified UV paint mimics and matches the feathers of real birds which makes the perfect decoy!

Additional Features

Chaining is the process of joining decoys into a line similar to that used with layout boats. FUDs make chaining a much easier task with each decoy having rigging that is stored inside, having anchors that are flat, and pedestals that will easily accept the anchor of the next decoy.