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What are Fold Up Decoys?

Fold Up Decoys took the idea of collapsible decoys and revolutionized them to be the most portable, versatile and durable decoys you will find.

Our neoprene waterfowl hunting decoy is the perfect tool for attracting ducks and geese to your hunting spot. Made from durable and weather-resistant neoprene, this decoy can withstand harsh hunting conditions. Its unique design allows it to be easily folded and collapsed, making it convenient to transport to and from your hunting location. With its realistic shape and coloring, this decoy is sure to attract a wide variety of waterfowl. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or just starting out, this decoy is a must-have addition to your hunting gear.

Transform from flat to full body decoys in 3 easy steps

Fold Over first panel

Fold in second panel

Slide keel into place

Fold Up Decoy

Full Body Decoy!


Portable - Easy to carry, transport and store the decoy in a flat form. Transform it into a 3D decoy when ready to use.

Durable - Fold Up Decoys are very durable. Made from neoprene. Fold Up Decoys can absorb an excessive amount of damage before needing to be replaced.

Versatile - Fold Up Decoys can be used on both land and water


➧ Fold Up Decoys are made from neoprene, this makes our waterfowl decoys extremely buoyant and durable.
➧ This lightweight material allows the decoy to take a few shots and will still be usable


➧ Carrying and storing large decoys such as goose decoys or swan decoys have never been easier with Fold Up Decoys
➧ Use the decoys on water or field.
➧ Carry up to 12 Decoys in one hand using the FUDslinger (included)

Bird Vision Certified

FUDs are made from Birdvision UV decoy paints. The certified UV paint mimics and matches the feathers of real birds which makes the perfect decoy

Magnum Sized Decoys

Fold Up Decoys have been designed to a specific formula that only produces magnum size decoys.

All FUDs are a minimum of 10% larger than real life and this magnum ratio has been maintained across the entire FUD range.

Multi Posture

Fold Up Decoys are the first in class to create multiposture capabilities.

These rivets act as a pivoting point for the head, keel and for some specials, the tail pane


Chaining is the process of joining decoys into a line similar to that used with layout boats. FUDs make chaining a much easier task with each decoy having rigging that is stored inside, having anchors that are flat, and pedestals that will easily accept the anchor of the next decoy.

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If you are unsatisfied with your product for any reason, return it within 30 days for a full refund!

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