The Fold Up Decoy Is:

  • Decoy that is compact and multi-functional at the same time
  • A revolution in decoying for serious hunters
  • Designed to be the worlds most versatile, durable, and reusable decoy
  • Features a collapsible full body decoy, designed by hunters, for hunters

The Fold Up Decoys unique design transforms a collapsible into a Full Body Decoy

Carry out the decoys in the flat form


Fold into Full Body Decoy in seconds.

The FUD is simple to use, effective, compact and extremely durable

Durable and shot resistant

  • FUDs are made from neoprene, this makes them extremely buoyant and durable
  • This lightweight material allows the FUD to take a few shots and will still be usable

Portable and Versatile

  • FUDs are easy to carry and store
  • Use them in water or in the field
  • Carry up to 12 Decoys in one hand using the FUDslinger (included)


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Transform from a 2D decoy to 3D decoy
Usable in water, land, and ice
Wind Driven Movements
Rigging Stored inside of Decoy
Waterproof, Bullet Proof, Scratchable
Self Righting
Competitive Price
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