7 Reasons why Fold Up Decoy Are The Best Waterfowl Hunting Decoys

7 Reasons why the Fold Up Decoy are the ultimate game hunting decoys.

1. Compact and collapsible - As the name suggests, the Fold Up Decoy is a folding decoy. When folded, the decoy is a flat which allows it to be easily carried into your hunts. Whether your hunting on the field, water, or in a canoe the fold up decoy can be easily carried anywhere. 

Hunting decoy folded up

2. Quickly Deployed - Fold Up Decoys are designed so the decoys can all br deployed in just 3 easy steps

    1. Fold over the base plate and lock the tab into place
    2. Fold over the colored chest plate and lock the tab into place
    3. Swing the keel down into position locking the two plates into place

You now have a full bodied three dimensional decoy which performs as a silhouette, floater, shell, full body and motion decoy (on water).

       Fold Decoy Step 2      Fold Decoy Step 3


3. Quickly Packed Up - Fold Up decoys are just as easy to pack up as they are to set up. Swing the keel out of the base plates, unlock the chest and base plate. Pull the keel through the body and hang the decoy to the Fudslinger or any hooking device.

4.Carried hands free, lightweight- Fold Up Decoys take the often difficult task of transporting decoys to and from your hunting spot and make it a breeze as our decoys can be carried on our Fudslinger belt hooks which float in water. The Fudslinger replaces hauling your decoys on your back or in large bags


5. Bullet Proof/Durable and unsinkable - Fold Up Decoys are made from durable neoprene foam which and withstand the impact of stray pallets and even a whole pattern. Unlike traditional blow molded decoys, Fold Up Decoys will not sink if shot.

 6. Self Righting - Fold Up Decoys are created with the perfect weight to buoyancy ratio when deployed correctly. The weight of the keel in Fold Up Decoys will automatically self right the decoy when tipped over by waves, dogs, or income birds.


7.True Multi-posture - 

    1. Fold Up Decoys are the first in class to create multiposture capabilities. Our decoys are assembled using 3 rivets along the spine of each decoy. These rivets are not only used to hold the body panels together, but they also act as a pivoting point for the head, keel and for some specials, the tail panel
    2. Sleeper/Tuck decoy - to create a sleeper or tuck decoy
      1. Cut the head rivet and remove
      2. Turn the head piece around and clip a new rivet on the decoy


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